Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie bin storage is becoming more and more popular and it’s making lots of people wonder whether it is the right thing for them at their home. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages of wheelie bin storage, so hopefully this will help you work out if it is the right thing for you.

Before we can weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of wheelie bin storage, it is probably helpful to explain what the storage is! The units are made up of timber panels which cover the bin entirely with no gaps. The lid attaches to the lid of your bin and is on hinges, allowing you easy access when taking out the rubbish, along with an opening on the front allowing you to easily get the bin out when the bin men are coming. These are study, secure, strong shelters and can be made to fit anywhere between one and three bins, or with shelves for recycling boxes depending on your requirements. They come in a couple of different styles, so you can be sure that there is something to suit everyone.

One of the main advantages of wheelie bin storage is the aesthetic. The storage units are made of timber, making them far more appealing to look at than the council issued plastic bins which everyone has. This is a huge selling point of the storage units whether you’re doing up your house or just fancy adding something new. The storage helps to make sure that your bins blend in really nicely, whether they’re on your drive or in your garden, making the units very appealing.

On top of the aesthetic, people find the security of the storage units extremely appealing. The units lock around your bins, ensuring that they are kept safe and secure no matter where you want to leave them and that no one can run off with your bins.

The security advantages of wheelie bin storage does not end there though, and those who enjoy wheelie bin storage have said that they find that they are extremely helpful when it comes to protecting their wheelie bins from pests, such as foxes, mice and rats. These can be a huge nuisance when it comes to bins, getting into your rubbish and causing a big mess, so having your bins protected from these animals can save you a lot of cleaning up.

Wheelie bin storage units can also help to stop your bins from freezing up. It can be a pain when your bins crack, as this can encourage water to build up and make taking your rubbish out a lot more challenging than it needs to be.

As with everything, there are always the odd problem, and the main one of these with wheelie bin storage seems to be the price. These units are rather expensive, which can put some people off, but when you see the quality of the units, you will see that they are really worth the money – this disadvantage all depends on what you are willing to spend.

It is clear that there are plenty of advantages of installing wheelie bin storage units on your property, and if the only disadvantage is the price, you just need to remind yourself that you are paying for reliability and quality – so, are you sold on wheelie bin storage?

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